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Simply Call or Text Vic Alavi, our Co-Founder and Producer at 619-770-1896. Email at [email protected]

Looking for a continuous video content production partner? We could be a great fit! We may consider a content retainer to work with you on an ongoing basis. This is where we produce videos for you every month (on an ongoing basis) to help you grow, engage & monetize your audience.

  • For simpler productions, we can deliver same day footage, and provide one week turnarounds for certain edits, if we plan accordingly.
  • For full service projects, the typical time to plan, shoot, edit and deliver is 3 to 4 weeks. However, that timeline can get longer depending on how long clients take to give notes, provide assets, or get sign off from decision makers.

A typical full day shoot with interviews and B-Roll filming requires at least 3 core crew members. For larger productions that include talent, makeup and hair, and specialized audio technicians, camera operators, and lighting assistants, the crew can expand up to 8-10 people. We prefer to maintain a light footprint when filming. This reduces disruption at your place business and keeps costs down. Our team is very resourceful and each crew member is multi-talented.

Yes we can, however, we prefer not to. In some cases we flat out refuse. Not to offend anyone, but we cannot guarantee the quality as much as when we produce and film the content ourselves. We prefer to edit our own video footage since we plan and film with precision. Contact us for details regarding post-production services and we can help you as much as possible. Note: Stock footage is great and very useful for selectively filling in video edits. Whenever it is beneficial to a project, we will license stock footage. 

Yes, we often film for other agencies and producers who need a solid crew to capture excellent footage. We can work of shot lists and deliver same day footage as well. Contact us for your crew needs.

Yes, we can provide location services and find any location that may be required for your video. We typically use Peerspace to scout great locations, sometimes AirBnb works out too. We have our own small, daylight studio for smaller productions as well. 

Yes, we provide casting services. Depending upon the scope of your needs, we may enlist our preferred casting agency partners to assist. 

That depends upon how much manpower, time, and resources your video project requires. Everyone that works on your film is a professional, and we bring together the best teams to accomplish your production. We, the three founders at Blue Barn, are very hands on with every video and bring in specialists such as animators, motion graphics artists, creative writers, and sound technicians whenever necessary. We always perform top quality work and aim to provide you with the most value for your particular budget. Contact us and we’ll diagnose your situation and come up with the appropriate budget.

Only if you want to! We can create scripts and ad copy for you as long as we understand your key messages and takeaways. We develop creative concepts as well as storyboards to as a way to assist in the pre-production process. We can also brush up your existing scripts for effectiveness and brevity.

Once we begin, we spend the first phase designing and planning your video. This is the time to explore concepts and art direction. If major decisions are made after we’ve started filming and producing content, there could be additional fees incurred. That said, we aim to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for, and we’ll always do our best to stay in sync with your vision, right from the start. But do expect to increase the budget if you increase the scope after we’ve begun our work together.

No. We have a process for establishing every layer of your video in accordance with the pre-production decisions. We do not refine the video edits until the message is approved. We do no polish (color grade and sound mix) rough cuts of your video until the sequences are in order and approved. This usually means we go through approximately three rounds of approvals before we do the final polish and delivery.

Unfortunately, we cannot front you the money for the cost of production. We require 50% of your estimated budget up front to handle the initial cost of production. Once we are ready to deliver the approved, final video(s), we require the other 50% prior to delivery. For longer projects, we can work out an alternate payment plan. Contact us for details.

For brand and commercial work we use RED Digital Cinema Camera systems. We currently use a pair of RED Komodo 6K Cameras, and RED Dragon 5K Cameras. For event coverage we like to use Canon 4K Cinema Cameras. The C200 is our current workhorse camera, along with the Canon Pro DSLR and Mirrorless Options. Lighting is a mix of ARRI, Aputure, and KINO FLO lighting systems. All microphones are Sennheiser systems. We edit with Adobe Creative Cloud programs and use licensed music from various companies. Sound design, color grading and audio mixing is all done in-house.

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