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We don’t sell camerawork
we sell expertise

about us

Our Philosophy

Process is what sets up apart. Through deep experience in video production we’ve established a process that brings unparalleled clarity to your video content. With a collaborative approach, we listen first. Everything we make is born out of authenticity and truth. We’ll take the best of your brand and shine a light on it.



| Pre-Production

We distill and refine your most important messages prior to filming any sequences. Together, we’ll develop the creative, establish your objectives and design the production. Leave the details to us, it’s what we love to do.

| Production

In our opinion, anyone who views your videos should be glad they watched. With top tier directing and cinematography, all of the videos we make are driven by polished visuals. Efficient crews and workflows with a light footprint are key to filming on-location. With expert crews, we dial in the lighting, coach the interviews, and film everything that brings your message, your people, and your story to life.

| Post-Production

We design videos with the messages first. The message hierarchy is the blueprint of a great commercial video. Once we establish WHY we are making a video and WHAT we are saying, we get to work on HOW to bring it to life. Stunning visuals and people-focused films make for compelling content. With our editing techniques, storytelling and musical flow, we guarantee standout videos.

Our services


Time to get you project off the ground! We help you understand the best format for your videos and how to deploy them. We will help you write the most effective videos for your business.


This ain’t magic. It’s hard work. We’ll take charge of the creative and get everyone into position. The best performances are usually crafted from many takes and proper feedback. With our team, you’re in good hands. 


Our signature style of cinematography blends natural, documentary style filming with polished commercial work. Beautiful lighting and professional camera moves help bring your vision into reality.

Animation / design

Motion graphics, design and animation are often the best method to craft attention-grabbing videos. Our team builds stunning, custom pieces from scratch. 

Post Production

Where it all comes together…. Our editing ninjas are always hard at work building videos. We are hands-on with every edit to ensure the smallest details are just right. 


Sometimes a still image does it better than video. With our editorial and lifestyle photography, we can make your people, locations, and products shine. 

Video is a window to the soul
of your company

What is a brand video? It’s an attempt to connect with people in an authentic way. The best ones are honest, beautiful, funny or inspirational. We’ll use storytelling as a vehicle to transmit critical messages and connect with your viewers.

The power of branded video content can unleash tons of potential for your brand. We always recommend that you make videos with an authentic voice, and have the courage to say something real. Use video to show us who you really are.

Our Formula Is Simple:
Polish + CLARITY

Confusion and lack of clarity is the main reason customers walk away. Every business has to build trust and like-ability before they can hope to win new clients and followers. Our formula is simple: We create highly polished visuals and focus your messages

This winning combination is what powers every Blue Barn Creative video campaign.

Let us show you how video can transform your business!

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