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With so many types of videos, it’s best to understand the variety before beginning your next project. We’re here to help! We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top ten video formats to guide you.

Branding VS. Marketing

The first step is deciding what content will serve your business best. It is important to remember that branding differs from marketing; they are two different dimensions of your business. This is why we have Brand Story Videos as well as Commercial Videos + Ads as distinct categories on our website. Brand videos intend to affect the perception of your business, while marketing content is meant to position your products and services and is more focused on features and benefits. 

When exploring your options, ask, “what are my business challenges“?  

  1. Do I need to improve our brand reputation or the perception of our company? Then brand videos might be your answer.
  2. Do I want to generate more leads or educate my customers about our products and services? Then marketing videos are your thing.

Once you’ve identified which areas to grow your business, pick the right video to help you do that. Would you hate going to a restaurant with no menu? Think of this article as a menu. 


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Brand videos help affect people’s perception of your brand through the stories you tell and the perspectives you share. They typically give people a richer experience of your brand, products, and the people running the show. Brand videos allow you to showcase your authenticity, build an emotional connection, and provide a glimpse into the inner workings of your business. 

Marketing videos drive customer action, sales, and conversions and position your products in front of your target audiences. They bring added clarity and information, and in this way marketing videos are similar to branding videos. However, the goals and intended consequences differ slightlyUltimately, both roads lead to better business growth but know why you are making videos before you choose which video to make. Take a look at our breakdown of the top ten types of videos to choose from:

Top 10 Video Formats

Explainer Videos: These are videos that explain your product or service in a way that engages people. Also known as sales videos, since they assist with sales, they offer viewers greater clarity and comprehensive information about your offerings. Various methods exist to create explainer videos, including interviews, teleprompter presentations, B-roll footage, product shots, animations, and on-screen text. The potential combinations are limitless.

Product Videos: Short and to the point! Showcase your product or service in action, highlighting its features and benefits. Launch a new product and build excitement. As one of the most common types of content people make, product videos are great for e-commerce, website landing pages, or used as paid video ads. 

Testimonial Videos: Feature satisfied customers, influencers, or brand ambassadors sharing their experiences with your product or service, these videos are an excellent format for getting new customers.

Brand Story Videos: Tell the story of your brand, your mission or share your core values. When you are looking to attract your perfect audience, cinematic stories can help establish a deeper connection. Sharing your perspective on critical issues and common challenges or taking a stand and supporting a movement gives people extra motivation to back you. Brand Story Videos allow you to say something honest and highlight what is most important. 

Educational or How-To Videos: Share your expertise on topics related to your business or industry. People want to learn something valuable if they are going to spend time watching your content, so offer them something useful or interesting. Helpful tips and tricks are great short-form content and help position you as a thought leader. Alternatively, you may need to make training videos and long-form content; educational videos are the way to do it. 

Behind-The-Scenes or Culture Videos: Provide a glimpse into the inner workings of your business, showing the human side and the people behind your brand. Sometimes, showing your process is what wins over new customers. BTS videos increase transparency and build trust around your business by showing them how you do what you do. 

Event Videos: Capture the highlights of a business event, such as a product launch, conference, or trade show. Create buzz and showcase your expertise by sharing your events with creative highlight videos. 

Social Media Videos: Designed for sharing and quick consumption, often featuring short, attention-grabbing content that people can easily view on the go. Often called breadcrumbs or snackable content, they can drive interest, curiosity, or direct sales for your business. 

Video Podcasts or Livestream Videos: Broadcast in real-time, allowing you to engage with your audience more interactively. Host real-time chats and record multiple camera angles. There are many ways to go live for folks who can’t attend your events in person. Choose the podcast format for a more advanced production with long-format, topical discussions.

Paid Ads: Explicitly created for advertising purposes, such as TV commercials, YouTube, or Facebook ads. They often focus on promoting a product or service and generating leads or sales. Video ads are designed to make people aware of your brand, catch their attention, and get them to do something, like buying your product. They are great for YouTube, Facebook, and streaming services like Hulu. Video ads come in different styles, like those shown before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) a video. Advanced options help target the right people. Good ads have great visuals, short messages, and clear instructions. We can track how well an ad is doing using views and clicks. Ad budgets can be based on cost per click (CPC), cost per impression (CPM), or cost per view (CPV). Video ads are a flexible and fun way for businesses to connect with their audience.


When you choose the right format, video marketing helps you build customer connections, establish trust, and promote your products and services as intended. To have a comprehensive strategy, incorporate a mixture of content to develop relationships everywhere your customers are and in a language they understand. If you want to talk with our team about your next project, we are happy to evaluate your current video strategy and help elevate your content marketing.


We love to work with brands ready to create quality videos so their business can flourish. If you want to talk with our team about your next project, call us or fill out the contact form here to get started!

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Stephen Alberts

Stephen Alberts is a video marketing pro, a 5-time Emmy Award winning video editor and Director of Photography. He is a Co-Founder at Blue Barn Creative, a San Diego-based video production agency.
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